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You can now try the beta: TradingLogBook Beta 6 Setup

MD5 Checksum: D32A4ED0714044B12B7AAB511BD48E30

After installation please start the trial version.

The beta wil run for 90 days.

Please uninstall the old version and install the new version.

Please report bugs to

09/24/2019 Beta 6

Bug fixes:

  • Daily-Import Settings: dump file has to be defined or error
  • Calculation of trades: no more incorrect sum up across transaction with same symbol but different type
  • KAP.csv: negativ dividens now added to correct column
  • Future Transaction: no Exception when deleted
  • TaxModule: 'Die Warteschlange ist leer / Queue is empty' fixed

Changes / new features:

  • new currencies: MXN, NOK, RUB, SEK
  • Tax Module - 2 modes for Options Short calculation
  • Transaction View: rates will be shown with all available digits (and will no longer be rounded)
  • CFD import / daily import / tax
  • Forex import / tax / (no daily import)
  • Option on Futures: daily import
  • Futures: daily import
  • some minor changes

07/27/2019 Beta 5

Bug fixes: none

Changes / new features:

  • Tax Module reviewed

07/12/2019 Beta 4.1

Bug fixes:

  • Tax Report no longer crashes when transaction is 'sell' and cashflow < 0 (this is possible when fees > proceeds)
  • 'Payment in Lieu of Dividend' will now be imported as dividend and marked as 'PIL'
  • import of options no longer crashes when undelying stock has classes (e.g. BRK B)

Changes / new features:

  • default folder for new database changed to folder 'Documents'
  • EZB exchange rates gap extended to 7 days
  • import of 'Options on Futures'
  • import of 'Futures'
  • kap/tax for 'Options on Futures'
  • kap/tax for 'Futures'
  • import of dividends simplified (no DividendPerShare, no Quantity)
  • dividens now have a flag to mark 'Payment in Lieu of Dividend'
  • new currency: HKD

06/07/2019 Beta 3

Bug fixes:

  • daily import doesn't fail anymore when importing files containig trades in EUR

06/05/2019 Beta 2

Bug fixes:

  • import doesn't fail anymore when importing files containig 'Options On Futures'
  • import doesn't fail anymore when importing files containig trades in EUR
  • minor bug fixes and improvements